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Stolen mower sucks

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  • Stolen mower sucks

    I am bummed out that someone stole my mower.
    it was old but was the best at cutting tall overgrown grass.
    Oh well i am learning to keep everything locked down.

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    What state are you in? Keep an eye on Craigslist for someone selling it.
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      I am sorry about this happening.

      What was the situation with it? How did this all happen? What should others be wary of to defend themselves against this?
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        That's rough. I had 2 gas cans stolen one evening while at a friends after work. Now I got 2 lengths of cable, and 2 locks. Now I lock up all the time.

        The one good thing that came out of it is that I wanted to get bigger cans anyways...but it still sucks.


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          I went snowboarding at a new place once last winter, we were getting ready to leave and I set my board on the rack outside to go into the pro shop quick, 5 minutes later my board was gone. I was so furious! Went to security, and of course the camera was facing the wrong way at the specific time, how convenient. I checked ebay and craigslist for weeks, but it never showed up, was really hoping i would catch them. I'm just glad it wasn't a really expensive board.

          Now anytime I go boarding and want to go to the shop or get something to eat, I leave my board with the free storage facility, not going to get stolen there
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