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    I want to bring up a topic Im sure a lot of you guys deal with....Moody Customers who come out before we are gone. I am a very laid back guy, when I work , I don't take short cuts. I always do a walk around after me and my guy are finishing up on a yard. Today we Aerated 17 yards, this customers was the 15th so you know the mood I was already in. We were finishing up her front yard and I was writing up her bill in my truck. Mind you this customer has been with me from the beginning. She comes up to my driver door bitching about a 3ft branch that had fallen from her tree into the front yard. " your guy didn't even pick it up, I'm old and you guys are young! You should pick these things up for me! Long story short... " Mrs....... Have we left yet!? Don't come out bitching at me because your old man forgot to pop his pill last night! I absolutely cannot stand when a customer decides to get loud about something when she knows our routine...she knows that we haven't left yet, there is still a chance that WE might grab that! You learn to bite your tongue a lot and try not to let it get to you the rest of the day.

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    These old bastards need to watch their tongues. They have no god damn respect and are always quick to jump the gun.

    They make a lot of ridiculous assumptions that make them sound like idiots.


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      I am sorry about all that happening, but it is a great learning lesson as it shows what is important to customers, or maybe specific customers.

      Maybe with this one client, she just wants twigs picked up and that is her big hang up.

      The more you know the better position you are to make them happy.
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        My point is though Steve, that I know what she likes and dislikes! She didn't not give us a chance ,


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          Well....I got a call from her today...We broke up She found a new man thats gonna do her right! We had to many problems anyway...She was much older than me, said I spent too much of her money. I hope this new guy can toss her mulch like I did....lolll


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            It is fascinating. You just never know for sure what is going to set these different people off. Jeeze.
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              I just did an estimate for a guy today. He said he's been using a guy for many years, but "He's just not doing the lawn the way I ask him to lately."
              "I told him to cut it shorter, but it still looks the same", he said to me.

              "Hmmm..." I thought to myself...

              BIG. RED. FLAG.


              Then when I asked if he was looking for weekly service, or every other week, he said, "Well, just cut it when it needs it... a week, week and a half..."


              I gave him a price, and told him I only work weekly, or biweekly, but I think I'm calling him and saying "no thanks" before he fires his guy and calls me!


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                "Smile and nod your head" <****I do that on a day to day.
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