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    Is she no longer a customer because of this? What lesson do you feel you learned from her and how has she effected the way you interact with your other customers now?
    No she told me she was going to try her nephews friend who just of laid-off from work. If that didn't work out she was going to call me back. But unfortunately the price has gone up if she continues to demand. The hard part is she has 50 spots in her yard where random single flowers are in the middle of her yard and told me to just mow around them except by the house. So that is what I quoted her then she decided to have them all done.

    Lesson I learned is you can't please everyone and some times it is better to go you own ways, it not worth losing my butt on one job when other customers will still appreciate your quality of service.


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      In the beginning, yes, there would be a few customers who would irritate me to the point of making myself believe I was doing something wrong. However, there are some people (actually a lot of people) who you can't please no matter what. You just have to accept it. I guess I have a different mind-frame when it comes to not wanting to continue with the business. I see things from the opposite spectrum in the sense that any and all of my customers are my customers because of my decision. Sure, they have to accept my business because I do a great job, but I also have a handle on the reigns when it comes to dropping them if I feel they just aren't worth my time.
      Now don't get me wrong, I'm not an arrogant jerk by any means, but ultimately I have to make the decision at the end of the day whether to keep banging my head against the wall with a customer I'll never please, or go out and find another who will be more receptive to common sense.
      I think the best way to get past these kind of customers and enjoy your business is to always be sure you know EXACTLY what the customer expects of you and your business. Don't just assume they want their lawn cut the way you do it to all your other customers, ask lots of questions, make sure you can even live up to the expectations of what they want. Find out what the other guy did that they didn't like. A good rule of thumb is to ask them if they would walk the entire property with you and show you some of the things they like about their lawn and things they don't like. Make conversation about the good and bad and offer remedies. This will give you a better idea of what they are looking for and also gives you a chance to find out if their expectations are even realistic.
      look at what is brewing here guys a great buisness minded person indeed...
      i love to read about lawn guys actually listening to what the home owner expects from them and you can save time and money if you know what there expecting from you as there go to lawn guy ...and you could very well sell them some other services you provide in the process ..its a win win for you and the home owner = happy you and them..

      sorry my friend not to high jack your thread post ..just like your out look on your buisness venture...

      lawnman3 fl...
      { gettin after the green}...


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