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  • Awkward Moments

    I thought it would be fun to post about any awkward moments we may have had. I remember one from last year...

    Client: You should wear sun block!
    Me: I never use that stuff, never really needed it.
    Client: My daughter has cancer because of the sun.
    Me: Oh... Sorry to hear that.......

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    If there were a "lounge" section here, not viewable to the public, I'd post something.


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      ^^ ditto

      but I won't leave you hanging...... I had a Seinfeld moment at a stoplight. I had a thing of grass on the side of my nose and it was catching my eye, so i rubbed it to get it off and the person next to me must have thought i was pickin my nose.


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        cheese needs a tv show, I think it would be very funny to watch a day in his life


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          cheese needs a tv show, I think it would be very funny to watch a day in his life
          I'd need to wear a seatbelt for THAT show!


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            I think that Idea is taken....and it's a movie....goes by the name Saw.

            I could see Cheese kidnapping all his late paying PITA clients and locking them in a house with clues to get out....

            The Jigsaw doll pops on a random screen with Cheese's voice...

            "Lets play a game....In front of you is a check from your bank. To survive all you need to do is sign it. The pen is surgically implanted in the guy chained across from you. Pay your bill or die, it's your choice."


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              <a href=";current=jigsaw.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>


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                ok so that we are on this topic...
                last friday an older women called me to trim some trees for her. (also did this last year for her)
                i told her that i was about a mile away and could fit here in that day.
                so when i got to her house i was unlocking my trailer and i heard her coming up along the side of the trailer (handicap chair) as i turned around there she was in a DEPENDS and thats all everything else just hanging free.
                i turned around real quick and realized i was in my trailer and the only way out was going past her. so i back outta the trailer put up my ramp.
                as i was doing this she asked what was wrong and i just said i no longer could do work for you got in my truck and drove off.
                this is an honest story my wife still does not believe this happend but it did.


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                  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

                  You guys are great!

                  I have a client who owed me money from last season, it got annoying trying to chase him down, so I dropped him as a client early in the winter.

                  He called later on every day trying to supposedly make ends meet.

                  Anyway, so he has rang on my doorbell 3 times, called my phone 100 times over these past few months...

                  As I was coming home today from McDonalds, I see him in his vehicle.. I nearly sh@ my pants. So I wave to him, had no choice, we were making pretty serious eye contact.

                  I pull up to his house, he parks in his driveway.. I get out.. and we talked about his bird feeders for 20 minutes, pretending 'winter' never happened.

                  Client: How are you?
                  Me: ... sick.
                  Client: Oh.
                  Me: Yeah, it's pretty bad.
                  Client: Really?
                  Me: Oh look, the squirrels are eating the bird seeds.
                  Client: Yeah, they like to do that.

                  20 minutes later...

                  Client: So, can you come and do a spring cleanup for me?
                  Me: ...yes. Things have changed since last year. We are using contracts now.

                  Client: Why is that?
                  Me: Security for me, and the clients.
                  Client: I see.. I guess a lot of clients owed you money last year?
                  Me: Yeah... they sure did...
                  Client: Ok then. I'll see you around.
                  Me: Take care.


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