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    looking for a few ideas on a user freindly monthly account log that has all clients listed.. i find my self forgetting things. write short notes thinking ill rememeber and forget. show me some ideas to make billing easier at the end of each month

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    step one:

    go to walmart or dollar general store with about $3 in hand ready to spend

    Step two:

    find the office supplies

    Step three:

    pick up a black and white composition book (ones that u cant rip pages out of)

    Step four:

    write EVERYTHING in it. treat it like your diary. if customers asks if u know any pond cleaning companies write it down and get back to them later

    great for taking numbers, information, and keeping track of everything

    ***just realized i might not have given the answer you wanted.

    I personally have a folder with all the mowing i do and what price it is at

    its in a manila folder, each time you do that client write the date on the page so you can remember it. each customer has their own page so there is plenty of room to write. its also great if you have ideas to up sell them. the real profit is in clean ups and one time jobs. mowing is good for finding a reason to visit their property to find these opportunities
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      Gopher Software.
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