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  • Fertilizing Flags,

    Does anyone use the flags that you put into the lawn after you fertilize? With your company logo and number on it with a little black plastic stick? The company we have been using for years the owner decided to sell the company and the new owners didnt run it right and now is no longer in business. So curious if you guys use them if so where? Thanks and I appreciate the help.

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    Who did you use before? The only one I've looked at was but I haven't ordered from them before. I may try them out this season.
    Boughter's Lawn Care Services Mowing and Fertilizing in New Castle, PA


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      I thought the title of this thread was;

      "Fertilizing Fags"


      Anyway, good question.


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        in my state you have to post the property with flags by law and you also have to have your company name and number on them as well.

        it may appear like a advertisement but as far as my state is concerned it is the law and the applicator has no choice.


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          what if you used these for advertising too? Just, they wouldn't say "pesticide application" or anything like that on them....?


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            what if you used these for advertising too? Just, they wouldn't say "pesticide application" or anything like that on them....?
            who is gonna notice a little 3x4 inch flag? the insects?

            there are better and more effective means to advertise your business then useing application flags.

            i think in the year 2012 after guys useing them for 30 years that if it was a good idea to use them for advertising it would allready be done by the landscaping masses.

            i think too many people today are so consumed with trying to " think outside the box " that they lose sight of the fact that in the landscape service business the key to success is to do great work in a timely fashion that is built on refferrals and target advertiseing.

            as a landscaper you will only be able to do so much work and being 99.9% of our customers are repeat business once you hit your threshold your advertising and web sites almost become useless.

            there is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work and boots on the ground visibillity promoting your business.
            everyone has a web site and they all say the same thing and convey the same message and everyone is fighting for position on their search engine standing.
            the only way to make money is to concentrate your work area so you are not driving all over the planet and appealing to the masses of the internet is useless as a landscaper.
            sure it will get you noticed but what is the point when everyone calling you is from every corner of your state?

            if you want to promote your business with a similar idea have some 10 x12 throw away signs made and ask your customers if they mind if you put one on their front lawn for a short period of time.
            if you are gonna get anything from that type of promo it will happen pretty quickly and after a few weeks if you have not gotten any bites chances are you never will and it is time to move on to something different.

            i don't know if this site allows you to do so but if it does check some of my prior posts from january where i go into detail about ways to promote your business, thats the way i did it and the people who taught me do it the same way and we are all doing very well and we started from 0.

            and i will add that allthough i only do commercial work now none of my customers hire people because of their fancy lawn signs and creative web sites.
            they hire companies based on their reputation and their abillities to get the job done and the only way to do that is by doing.

            8 out of 10 companies that have big bad fancy web sites are a farce, half the photo's they use are generic fakes and don't even represent their work and are more misleading then anything else and the same goes for all the big phone book ads.


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              Wow a simple question went into a complete different direction. Its not really a form as advertising its more that the state requires that we warn people that we just sprayed their property so the home owner or friends visiting know that it may still be wet or freshly sprayed. Thanks for mentioning that one site ill check it out. I was getting them locally but the company sign shop is no longer existing and at the time I had bought 10 thousand of them last year or so, and wasnt thinking about them until we are about to run out..



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                it could be used to target small areas. It forced the customer to physically pull it out of their yard. Studies have proven that if the sign is eye catching, they will read it, then they could pull the paper off the stake and save it.


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