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Help Needed!! Enclosed Trailer Set Up

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  • Help Needed!! Enclosed Trailer Set Up

    I am in the process of setting up my trailer and need you experience professionals input. I have an enclosed trailer 7x 16 and setting it up with the racks for the walls. I have 2 trimmers, 2 backpack blowers, water jug and chain saw mount that can be set up on a rack system (Gridiron). Planning on adding some shelves to put oil, trimmer line, ect on them. The only other thing is shovels, rakes ect. Where I am needing help is where to locate the stuff on the walls, starting from the back to the nose. Also if I should keep everything on 1 side or use both side of the trailer. My equipment that is going to be on the floor is a 54 zero turn with bagger, 36 walk behind, 22 walk behind and edger. You input of placement would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I have have learned that the stuff you use the most keep it located where it is easy to get to. Water jug I have seen it mounted on the side door of the trailer, open the door and get a drink. I've also seen it in the back to the left and right of the ramp door.

    I have a 14 foot enclosed and this is what I did. For shelving I went to Lowes and got a bathroom wall mount shelf and screwed it to the inside of the side door for oil,bags,stringer line etc. The front v-nose built a custom shelf (ply wood and 2x4s)
    And used that for irrigation supplies/gas cans. I put an e-track system in the floor to hold down my 34 phazer and lazer.for all my hand tools mounted them on the left wall with a system they sell at Lowes (Rubbermaid makes it) then on the right side is where I have all my 2 stroke equipment/backpack blower. I hope this helps. Keep it simple and easy to get to get to.


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      How tall is your trailer?


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        If ur talking to me it has the extra height 6'6 interior height


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          How tall is your trailer?
          It is 6' tall.


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            Is there a side front entrance to your trailer?
            If so, keep the gas cans in the front.

            You should be able to hang your trimmer rack above your equipment on the floor, without it getting in the way.

            Your main problem is the width of your lawn mowers. You can line up all your 21" walk behinds (if you have) to the left side, keeping the tractors on the right side. You don't ever want to turn your lawn mowers to fit them in the trailer, this would be a waste of your time and we want everything to be easy to get to.

            I'd suggest putting the trimmer rack on the wall of the tractors, near the exit. Though, your racks will only be able to stack two trimmers.


            Is it possible you can upload a photo of your trailers interior?


            My idea;
            # = 21" walk-behind space
            X = Tractor(s) space
            G = Gascans space
            T = trimmer rack space

            [ # ][ G ] <- side door?
            [ # ][ X ]
            [ # ][X/T]
            [ # ][X/T]

            Side note;

            You should get some planks of wood to screw to the bottom of your trailer, to keep the equipment from rolling. Works like a charm.


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              Thanks Guys. I did get the walls done today. I installed 3/8 ply wood to give a little more sturdiness to help with mounting to the walls. I also went to Lowe's to get some garage organizers to hang tools, and some eye hooks to run bungees to hold the tools in place.

              Yes it does have a side door. The one thing I am having trouble with is how to secure my mobile equipment to the floor. I know you said to put boards on the floor, will that be enough to keep it from rolling if I hit a pothole?

              I will be working on it tomorrow and hopefully have pictures also. THANKS!


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                I have the same trailer ..

                My set up is as followed
                In the front i have a 48 in walk behind , to the right of that a 22 inch
                next in back of the 48 is a 48 inch zero turn, then in back of that i have a 36inch walk behind side ways . i only put a 2x4 behind the 36 and nothing ever moves in the trailer. When i had a 52 inch zero turn i would just take out the 48 inch walk behind and swap with the 48 zero turn.

                As for racks , i took 2 2x4 and cut them about 3 foot long spaced out apx 3 feet and used heavy duty large screw hooks 3 on each side for 3 trimers or edgers . They never jump off and are easy to get to . They are when you open the door to the left as soon as you walk in. I dont hang the blowers i put them in the back of the truck easy to get to and dont have to worry about them getting bounced around in the trailer.

                I wouldnt use the mower locks casuse what if you have to swap mowers around they dont line up with diffrent size mowers. I keep the water jug in the truck bed as well .

                Hope this helps ..


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                  Well this is it, I still have a couple of things to add but this is the layout. Thanks guys for your help
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