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    Well considering it's been a very lousy winter, I'm trying to figure out how different it has been for everyone out there?

    I have already been out more than 15 or so times, and I find this amount to be a lot lower than usual.

    How about you guys, how many times have you been out give or take?
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      Zero. Exactly.
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        two "storms" each under 4" and most sign up after the first big storm
        half my jobs are "call as needed" and no one calls for 4" of snow.

        BTW 4 inches = 10.16 centimeters


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          I'm not getting a break...

          I basically had one day of rest from being out, I have to go out TONIGHT because of 15cm AGAIN... and now this...

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            I've missed being on here for a while, but this topic is interesting.

            I'm running a two man crew plus myself. We are currently looking after approximately 70 yards. This year has been less snowfall than normal averages until this last weekend (over a foot in one day). It took us two days to get it all cleared out, which I personally think is really good considering the amount we got.

            Anyway, getting to your topic Scott; we charge a monthly fee no matter how many times we have to be there. Last year it almost killed me physically, this year its been different. Its a real balancing act, client volume vs manpower. I like that we charge a monthly fee (or snow removal flat charge), I know what comes in every month and with all my employees being on a salary, I also know what is going out every month. Not too mention, if I paid my guys by the hour, they'd have starved this season, and probably would have gone elsewhere to make money.

            I'm not interested in continual employee training, nor am I interested in client turnaround. 99% of my clients are flat seasonal charge, with the exception of a few that pay per time. If you want to move forward, you got to know whats coming in every month, something thats very difficult to do with per time basis. Course, I understand that doesn't work in areas of lower snowfall.

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              Blue's Yard FX
              Camrose, Alberta, Canada
              It's great to see you back here! Wow, it's been awhile!

              Great post too, couldn't have said it better myself.


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                ... I should have gone to work a few hours ago...

                I'm about ready for bed.. lol... crap..

                Not sure what I'm going to do. We are expecting more snow, and it's just a complete pain in the arse never being able to finish and get a good nights rest, rest where your aches and pains heal.


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                  been out once this year and that was in Oct. Tempting to sell the plow truck and use the money for new lawn equipment
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                    It sounds to me like cheese would of done just fine with a per push arrangement .With an anal contract ,the more times he goes to work,the less money he makes .He also cant just tell his "best" customers to go jump in the lake when they bother him ,check his other recent threads ,he has some "wonderfull" customers but is married to them for the entire season .They are called anal customers ,what else would anybody call the guy that wants cheese to salt his yard daily and calls him repeatedly to ask if he is going to show up .
                    Now ,if the cheesemeister did the shovelling per snowfall ,he has gone out 15 times already this season with more to come ,and when the anal dude called him repeatedly ,cheese himself could of ended it right then and there and went back to sleep on his couch .It sounds like he has had enough snow events to have eaten well all winter .


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                      The income I receive for the entire season for walkways is approx $10,680.46. (as a sub contractor)

                      I personally don't keep track of my hours, but my assistant just got back to me with his. My assistant says he's worked a total of 84 hours which I actually thought to be pretty low surprisingly. Each outing takes about 12 hours to complete.

                      84hrs divided by 12 = 7 total outings.

                      I spend about $50 on gas per outing, = - $350.

                      I'm sure I have personally been out more than 7 times, most likely without my assistant.


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