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  • grrrrr

    I just finished a 12 hour shift.

    ... it still hasn't stopped snowing, and i'm goin to bed and going back out at 5pm-ish till midnight.

    Nothing is more brutal than working until you physically can't move. Right near the end I had my head leaning against the steering wheel.

    My hands are KILLING me. My ears really hurt (not from the cold, no idea...) and I've got the biggest headache I have ever had. I'm dizzy as hell, and I want to watch the world burn.


    My shovels got stolen too... Whoever did it is going to die if I ever find out. You can't find these shovels I used anymore.

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    12 hours?

    I don't think I've put more than 8 hours in all winter. 2 of which were probably travel time.

    That sucks about the shovels.

    I picked up one of these at my local hardware store last winter for around $35 and I like it a lot.

    Better than that plastic crap they sell at every other store.
    I use a lesser quality "scoop" shovel for doing steps. Any time I'm working, I always keep both within eyesight just in case. People think that it's "just a shovel", but $30-50 is a lot of money to be out if someone swipes one - not to mention that your means of earning a living is gone.

    A guy I know had a string trimmer stolen one day while working in a bad section of town. Just before he packed up to leave he sees a man and young kid walking towards him - the kid had his stolen trimmer.
    "Tell that man you're sorry and give him back his trimmer!" said the father.

    After slapping his son in the head, he explained to my fiend that he told his son that "That man needs that equipment to earn a living - you're taking food off his table when you steal from him!"

    I hate thieves of any kind.


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      To be honest I think it was intentional that somebody had stolen from me.

      The truck was parked at home, shovels in the back. I noticed this when I left yesterday to get my shift started, opened the back to grab a shovel and they were gone.

      I'm also missing a box of bags, and a chain. God knows what else lol.

      I do have some leads lol...

      As for shovels, I like the ones with the hollow handle. A heavy shovel is just murder.

      ... And it just stopped snowing now, and I will have to do the entire route over again. giulnilguyvoyugbtyifcvbofdkiluiop;glbkbiyuhon

      .. lol


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        NO Fair I want some snow,The plow truck just sits and looks all lonely .
        I think I should pull the engine out of it ,it will snow for sure then .
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