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  • Carharts

    Are Carharts too hot for the summer months? I was thinking about picking up a few pairs for this summer what does everyone else wear? In the past I have used like dickie or levi or something like that.

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    The typical brown heavy pants you automatically think of when someone says "Carhartts" are to hot. But they sell other pants that stand up to abuse and are not to hot. The hot/ heavy pants are canvas.

    I buy the "twill" single front pants for summer and the double front for winter.

    I don't spend my time sitting on a ZTR. I am HARD on my clothing and these pants hold up well.

    I like these as well.
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      I like my carhart canvas work shorts so much,I bought another 6 pairs a week ago before they are sold out for the summer .They are not too hot ,but shorts might not be acceptable to you .


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        Man I wish I could wear shorts. I would destroy my legs!


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          Theses are what I am using right now but I am looking for some that have the zip off legs so I can use them as shorts as well as pants.

          These are an olive color Chino cargo pant. nice and light


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            I just buy a bunch of cheap heavy jeans from kmart, costco, walmart etc etc.
            I use them on the job and in the shop. Plus i have an awkward size so i buy them when i can.

            They are cheap and i can beat the heck out of them..
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              Theses are what I am using right now but I am looking for some that have the zip off legs so I can use them as shorts as well as pants.

              These are an olive color Chino cargo pant. nice and light
              Same here.
              I picked up several pair of St John's Bay cargos on clearance at JCPenny a few years ago at the end of season. Aside from the color fading from excessive washing, they have held up much better than I had anticipated.

              I just picked up another pair the other day for $30. I didn't think I'd even be able to find them again because that's the way it always works - find something comfortable and the next season, they've replaced them with something different.
              I was pleased to see that they still carry them and the only difference is color and they replaced the snaps on the pockets with velcro. They carry Dockers brand in a similar style (and they have the elastic tab waist), but they didn't fit me as comfortably. They were a lighter weight material too.

              I can only wear long pants for so long... when the temps get too high, I have to switch to shorts. I like the lightweight, "hiking-style" shorts.

              The drawback to shorts is getting poison ivy on my legs from using the trimmer and getting debris thrown onto my legs. Usually though, by the time it's "shorts season", the lawns are pretty well under control and there isn't a lot of messy trimming to do. If I know I'm heading to do a job with a lot of trimming, I wear pants.

              As for Carhart... I have no idea - I've always assumed they were too heavy for my likes. If they have a "summer" line of clothes, maybe that's something to look into.


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                Duck -I noticed sears has "craftsman " canvas work pants that convert into shorts ,about $45.00 reg price ,too bad they dont have any to fit me I would try them .


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                  hopefully this works ,but being a computard it might not


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                    I am still using the ones I got at weed man (they gave us all kinds)
                    and then I going to Mark's Work Warehouse they have them for around $25-$29
                    I also keep a look out at value village for some. I have picked up about 6 shirts there for $4.99 each and they still have the $25.99 price tag on them.
                    I will take them to get embroidered once I got some cash coming in.


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                      my wife checked the computer at work ,those craftsman ones go on sale for $10.00 a few times a year ,I might even buy a few pair at that price as they would be cheap workshorts .I guess I can get her to sew some coveralls for my pit-bull out of the useless to me pantlegs !


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                        Pics and all I love it, thanks guys for the input! I am gonna go with the single front for summer and double front for winter. I use the Carhart Overalls for those cold fall clean up days and snow removal as well and I love them, it seems like they last forever. I definately cant do shorts but if it gets too hot I will have a pair of the thin Dickies or whatever I have laying around. Thanks again I would hate to spend the money and hate to wear them when it hits 90.


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                          check on ebay for them ,the prices were pretty awesome compared to my local stores who had to order them in my size anyway ,and if you are a normal size ,you will have tons of sellers to choose from .


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                            they holdup great, cheap, cool


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