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    I was thinking about a gas card something that I will pay off every month but I was looking for some incentives maybe a percentage back or something like that any ideas?

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    I know some credit cards offer up to 5% back on gas. So check out some different credit cards and see which one gives you the most back. Just do some quick research.

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      It's hard to choose the right credit card. You could always get them all, but the point is to have few just to build up the points each will provide.

      Most Common: my opinion

      Gas Points: SLOW

      Rewards Points: DECENT
      Earn 1 point for every $2 spent
      Need lots of point just to afford the garbage your bank offers.

      Cash Back: USELESS
      Earn 1% cash-back on every purchase.

      Airline Travel Points: NO IDEA
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        I haven't checked into it, but I do wonder if the gas station credit cards offer some kind of benefit when purchasing gas through them or not.
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