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  • scheduling

    Hey does anyone have good advice or know of any programs of the best way to schedule? For example one customer may need multiple schedules such as,
    1) weekly mow
    2)if we fertilize them then a schedule for every 6 weeks,
    3) if they are on a every other week or monthly clean up schedule,
    4)and if they are a pesticide customer as well then another schedule ever 9 weeks. So does anyone know of a program where you can enter in the customers name and set out multiple schedules so when the time comes it pops up and in order for the day? or how is everyone else doing it?
    The weekly schedule isnt a big deal its the fert- pesticide etc that takes a bit more office time that im trying to break away from so my secretary can focus on other stuff.. thanks

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    You can do that in gopher


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      You can do that in gopher

      I downloaded the gopher program after i posted this, its a slick program but we have several trucks that services the same customer such as
      Truck 1. mows them on a weekly basis
      Truck 2. shows up for a monthly clean up
      Truck 3. will fertilize them every 6 weeks. and pesticide every 3 months.
      Truck 4. will schedule for sprinkler turn on repairs blow outs etc.
      But as we add them to truck one on a regular mow schedule it takes it out of the other trucks and schedules it all for truck 1 so are you able to have several schedules and services for the same customer and multiple trucks without it taking it out of the other crews and trucks?