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  • So sorry for the delay.

    So, here I am. Surprised. Ok, it took alittle time and sorry for the delay. But I had a death in the family, so here is what I was talking about before I left.

    My new(ish) business laptop. I traded it for my PS3, 4 games, and two controllers. Worth it if it's gonna make money eh? It's going for 530 used on ebay right now.
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    Spot on.

    PS3: $199
    4 games: $240
    2 controllers: $60 (?)

    Approx $499 (tax not included)

    The laptop may work in your favor, if it is in fact 'new' itself. It may be overpriced.

    Acer laptops are 'cheaper' than most. Take a look online to see the prices in stores.


    Are you selling the laptop, or are you selling the PS3 package? I'm a little confused.


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      ps3 w/controller and all wires (which i still have, hdmi and rca): $179 one game was 50$ the other three didn't cost more than 20-30$.
      the controller was like 15$.
      The acer is a cheap brand, and isn't that great I know. But this model i found on ebay used selling for 530. It is not "new", it is new to me. It is a pre owned one.
      But, with daul processors, 4 gb hdd and 3gig of memory, cd rw etc etc. I'm just fine being that since it's only going to be used by two employees and it will be in the truck to the office/printer. It's honestly over kill for me. It's only allowed afew software installed. it's got important stuff on it.


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        so does this mean we can't play ps3 together? LOL


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          I am very sorry about your loss.

          That laptop looks great. I hope this year is a kick *** year for you
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