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  • Team Building: 001


    My name is Ben Dover.

    I cannot mow my own lawn anymore, because I am a panzy. I am not like you strong, amazing, good looking super heros. I really need your help.

    I'm looking for the very best company to hire, to mow my lawn every week.

    You will only have to cut the lawn in the picture below. Tell me why I should hire you, and how/what would I pay?

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    LOL Scott, how do you deal with these kinds of customers all day long?
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      Sure I'll cut your lawn Sir.
      Minimum charge is $45.00 per visit.
      This includes Cut Tim edges and blow off the walk.
      I will be around on a set schedule the only thing changing that schedule is weather.
      So I will see you next Wednesday as that is when I am in this area.

      Oh ya could you please sign this 56 page contract stating that I have explained this all to you and there is noway humanly or lawyer(LY) that you can break it.


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        WHAT $45 are you kidding me I will do it for $10 with all that stuff ducke said & I will wash your car for FREE. Contract why would we need that? If i show up 3 weeks in a row your a head of the game. NO checks cash only. By the way that broken window was like that when I got here.


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          So I will see you next Wednesday as that is when I am in this area.

          Another company willshome said he'd do it for $10.00.

          I'm happy you did the backyard, but didn't I tell you to also do the front yard as well?

          It wasn't done. I am very unhappy with your services.


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            Unhappy thats to bad call my prepaid cell phone and we can talk about it. But you will have to wait til I get a phone card I am out of mins. I think I may need a longer cord for my electric mower


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