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    Hi everyone from Australia,
    Peak summer season 'Down Under' in Australia.
    I mow a large lawn and ground is as hard as concrete. Lawn has many bare patches and water runs off without soaking in. Customer has asked me to aerate her lawn.
    Area to aerate is quite large - approx 1/4 acre - I do not own a tow vehicle (tractor to tow a aerator) over her lawn.
    I have seen some rollers advertised with spikes which are filled with water and roller over the lawn for aeration.
    Would this work with ground that is very hard to penetrate.
    Appreciate anyone's comments please. Thanks in advance.

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    for optimal aeration, the ground should be watered so it is soft other wise you will not get any penetration at all. After a good soaking rain is the best time to aerate, other wise your better off going out there with a hammer and spike. I have seen aerators that you can walk behind that work very well. Is there a place by you that you could rent one for the day, just add it into the invoice for the customer.


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