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  • Oh god

    Started shoveling at 3PM till 3AM.

    My guy and me are taking an hour break, then doing it all over again LOL.

    Kill me now. Boots are soaked, and I've only got one pair = everyone should buy two pairs of winter boots.

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    man you are so lucky to have any work!! we didn't get any snow here in northeastern Nebraska yet


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      I feel for you Scott.
      I just finished a 6 hour shift at my day job then 5 hour doing snow slept a few hours then back out to do clean up. Take it easy pace yourself.


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        Come down here, I'll give you all the money in the world.

        My guy wont answer his phone (dead asleep), and other contacts aren't interested.

        I need four guys, and now I'm alone again. I am actually very angry.

        WHERE DID ALL THE MANLY MEN GO? All the punks my age wanna work as cashiers or something... psh...

        My body REALLY wants to go to sleep, but I can't afford it. I'm supposed to be on the road now and I can't find a damn soul to work with me.

        If I work alone, I will have to work EXACTLY 24 more hours straight. With a helper, we can do it around 12-13 hours with this kind of snow. I'm losing my mind.


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          When I saw this post, I was happy to hear you had a helper and I was going to ask how all that was working out.

          Now I am not sure if I should ask you anything about that
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            We were "bracing" for up to 3" overnight. LOL!

            We got a dusting - maybe an inch or so, with gusty winds.
            Not even enough to prompt the old ladies to pick up the phone to ask me to come over.


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              I just got home for a much needed break. It's exactly 10:00PM, and I will be trying to rest until 1AM.

              This is murder.

              I started work at 3PM yesterday till today at 10PM, considering I sleep.. How many hours is that? I'm not even done, and I will most likely have to work till the afternoon of tomorrow!

              Already I need a vacation, lol.


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                Started shoveling at 3PM till 3AM.

                My guy and me are taking an hour break, then doing it all over again LOL.

                Kill me now. Boots are soaked, and I've only got one pair = everyone should buy two pairs of winter boots.
                You should see the inside of my truck, packed with extra stuff. I learned hard over the years. I always carry:

                three extra coats
                three pairs of gloves
                three hats
                two sets of clothes to change into (t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, socks, underwear)
                an extra pair of boots

                I feel your pain though, I started at 3am and got done around 6pm. Going back out tomorrow morning again for touch ups. I am lucky that it will probably only be a 5 hour day (fingers crossed). The worst thought tonight was when I got home and was dead tired, but the wife told me to get my butt out there and do our driveway. Keep in mind our driveway is around 1/4 mile long.


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                  We are all going to die.


                  Picture 1: My helper and me after completing our route.

                  Picture 2: Reality. 95% of the work we had done, was for nothing.

                  Picture 3: My face, when I realize we have to do it all over again.


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                    It was 65 degrees here today... The grass is still growing and leaves are still falling. Good luck!


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                      Starting at 3pm two days ago, till today at 8:00AM.

                      I am DONE!

                      Sad part is I can't sleep LOL, so thrilled to be done and I need to find a way to celebrate...

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                        Here is an old trick that we used to do when hunting and our boots got wet. New dry socks and then put a bread sack over them before putting them in your boots. yeah your feet can't breathe right but hey my feet were dry.

                        Now if you really want to have a good pair of boots, gets some xtratuff and also get the liner and your feet will stay dry. They are the same boots that you see them use on Deadliest Catch and when I was in Alaska I used them all the time. With the liner they are warm and toasty.


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                          This was me yesterday after 19 hour

                          Had mega sleep last night and most of this morning.
                          Went out and collected money and then did bank run.
                          rest of day I worked on my taxes and read a book.


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                            Yeah, keeping my socks dry was difficult.

                            I put bags over my socks before putting my boots on, but one bag seemed to absorb the water LOL. I ended up having a ball of ice under my foot.

                            I swear, I feel like I was on a journey for 10 years, coming home like a beat up dog. $150 spent on gas...

                            The feeling of being finished was truly emotional. Seeing the day and night cycle twice + 1, while being extremely exhausted and in pain. Damn I'm dedicated.. or stupid. Sure the physical aspect of it sucks, but the mental destruction is just brutal.

                            Unfortunately, it's as though I am traumatized. Every time I blink, I feel as though I may appear back in my truck... as if being done is a dream.


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                              So Scott do you think you will do this again next year ??
                              or do you think you will try to get a smaller group of clients of your own to do??


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