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    How does Michigan handle slip and fall liability due from sloppy snow plowing of commercial properties? Do business owners have liability insurance to protect themselves from it? Also do you find the owners of commercial establishments are on watchful of the snow removal jobs they get or do they not care?
    Yes, we have liability insurance for it, but in regards to slip and fall lawsuits, I have heard do many different stories and ways to do it. But then I hear about stories that say the opposite for example.

    1. You can waive any liability by pushing a contract that puts it back on the business. But I have always read stories in the newspapers where the judge has over ruled the contract saying that it's the contractors responsbility no matter what, even if it's written down in a contract.

    2. I know of one local business where the judge threw out the case of slip and fall because the "consumer" that visited the store needs to realize that it's winter, and there will be snow and ice so there is nothing the store can do about mother nature. If the consumer didn't want to deal with the snow and ice then he should have stayed at home.

    No in regards to my local businesses here we only maintain two commerical accounts. But those two are always worried about there sidewalks more so that there parking lot. The sidewalks have a zero tolerance for snow, while the parking lot is a 2 inch trigger.


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      This thread really strayed from the original question. I would agree with Steve that the fast food places and such are usually franchises so you would deal with the franchisee. I don't chase that type of business because of the hassles of
      1) they always go for the cheapest bid
      2) you usually have to do them when there is customer traffic, so increased liability and pain in the butt trying to park a truck and trailer.
      3) most times you are going to various cities to service that customer.
      In regards to customers taking cheaper bids and not caring about quality, I disagree! Lately I have been selling jobs based on the fact that people are getting such crappy service they are just fed up. I heard that at least 6 times this week. I have 10 apartment complexes owned by the same person. She hired me based on the service I gave her when I worked for my last employer who had her accounts. I was more expensive and will raise her prices a little this year, but she already wants to sign contracts and usually pays within 10 days of billing. Outside of that I only take residential. I love spending time with my customers educating them. I had a lady on her knees this year looking for chinch bugs with me. I love these people!


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        Well what about just get more commerical jobs. How do you go about getting more commerical jobs? We have commerical jobs over the years but they mainly found us. We also work with a management comany with a bank. Was wondering if there more magagement services company out there?


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          How do you go about getting more commerical jobs?
          You gotta figure there are a handful of commercial realtors or management companies in your area. Why not keep your eyes open for contact information whenever you see a commercial property for sale or for lease and call them up to get a contact person? Then get in touch with that contract person to offer your services?
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