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  • Last day of season

    Today was my final day out.

    I was unclogging the tractors chute and my finger just happened to touch the blade while the tractor was idling, (blades were not on).

    The vibration from the tractor being on was enough to shake the blade rapidly, luckily I still have my finger, but man did it hurt!


    The only real damage from today, was I had hit my finger on a fence and it split my nail. I blame the cold weather for making me work funny today lol.


    Oh and I tried to siphon gasoline out of my equipment with straws... Very difficult to do. I couldn't get enough pressure inside the gas tank using plastic wrap and several types of tape.... My mouth failed, so I then used a bike pump... Still didn't get enough pressure dammit! Got a good taste of gas though, it worked to some extent, but nothing spectacular.

    I love the science of things.... For the record, pressure and steam powered things amaze me.
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    I bought a cheap siphon pump for $5 on sale.

    I didn't think anyone even TRIED using their mouth these days. BLECH!
    Anyone recall the 70s when gas was hard to get and all the low-lifes were siphoning tanks?

    Even when the prices soared more recently, I don't recall hearing about gas theft. I think like everyone else, thieves are lazy. I bought a locking gas cap for nothing.


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      I am glad you are ok! It's incredible how fast bad things can happen when you are interacting with equipment.

      How do you feel now that the season is over?

      Any reflection on the year or what you want to do differently next year?

      How did you feel this year compared with last year? Did you enjoy it more, was it crazier? What?
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