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    Well its been about a month or more depending were you are located.
    What do you think of the Occupy movement now?

    I have no problem with free speech and a persons right to demonstrate.
    but these people have push the boundaries of good peaceful protest too long and are more of a freak show now then a movement.
    If you want to end a war or stop world famine,stand up and make a stand state a point and protest.
    But to camp out in a park and say nothing and expect others to give you hand outs is not a protest its a drain on society.
    I work for a living and if I want something I work harder to get it. I don't demand the rich just give it to me........... How do you think the rich got rich they saw a need and worked hard to fill that need.
    I figured out at a young age how to get money from rich people . Its called GET A JOB.

    So what do you think ????

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    I agree...

    I look at it all this way....If i was a billionaire I wouldn't want anyone telling me what i could do with my money, so i don't have any desire to tell anyone what to do with theirs.

    Even if i agreed with them, which i don't, i couldn't stand behind a group that has no self respect or no respect for others. The occupy movement is a protest that life isn't fair....well i learned that when i was 5 and the kid down the street had better toys than me...


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      Atlas Shrugged.
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        the colder weather will hopefully get rid of these losers .


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          If they spent as much time looking for a job as they do protesting they would be working. The problem is that they expect to start at the top of the food chain.


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            I know nothing about what they are protesting. From what I can figure so far, there is a level of discontent within society about what is going on.

            It doesn't seem like anyone has really been able to put their finger on it for sure and that is why no one knows what all this stands for.

            Is it Wall Street that is the villain? Ok then why? What did they do?

            Is it Washington? What did they do?

            Maybe out of all this frustration, some focal points will arise that others can agree or disagree with.

            Right now it just seems like a mess.
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              check this guy out
              I really think he hits it on the head.

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                Here is another guy that says the same think but in a very interesting way.
                Something that we all can relate to.
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                  here he is again
                  with part two.
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                    This guy is good
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                      I think we should look at both sides with an open mind.

                      I agree with the occupy movement about the fact we should not have bailed out the large banks and auto industry for lack of management ability. I agree that larger businesses should not be getting a tax abatement when small businesses have to pay more to make up for them.

                      Here is where I disagree; how can you complain about lack of jobs when you buy everything at Walmart(the leading proponent of exporting jobs in the US, they even have a full division dedicated to helping their vendors export jobs to china) Why aren't you willing to do the migrant labor jobs when you can not find another job. And for some reason they thing just because you start a business you are automatically rich and ripping off your employees for your personal gain. It seems most people have no idea what expenses are involved in running a legit business.

                      An those that think this is all about libs vs conservative I think your nuts they are both selling us out.
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                        I agree people need a place to voice their opinions and I think that most city's,Towns etc.. have this.
                        But our public parks are for the general public. If your pissed at the banks go to their parking lots and voice your 1st amendment. All the power to you.
                        Make life difficult for the banks and major Corporate Box Stores, but why slum out our public parks ?????
                        Also demanding that people should just hand over money to you for no reason other then the government bailed them out is not a protest.
                        If they like they should march on the State and Federal Governments and demand that they force the banks to pay back every red cent they received for tax payers. Theses are methods of forcing change, camping out in a park is not doing anything other then pissing off the average Joe that used the park each day and now can't because it full of dirty stinky freaks
                        or here's a good one "go to school get an education get a job make a name for yourself and then make change like Martin Luther King or Malcolm X do you think they would have achieved what they did camped out in a park??


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