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  • Urgent Email!

    Hi, can you come do the fall cleanup as soon as possible. I need it done.

    I will be there as soon as possible. I'm working my way towards your area, so it shouldn't be much longer.


    I need it this week.


    ^ It's Friday.

    Every time this client emails me, it's always, "I NEED IT DONE RIGHT AWAY", every FRIGGEN time. The world is going to end if I don't do it, that's the vibe I get from this person.

    "So he's going to do the fall cleanup?! I can live?!"

    I just thought I'd share some frustration with you guys, all in good fun. LOL
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    Maybe in time it will change, but right now my clients are 100% opposite of yours.

    "No problem. Get to it when you can and send me a bill - whatever you think is fair".


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      Is there any other way to handle it that might work better for your customers? Would they like it better if they had some advanced notice or is it not worth doing that because only one of them is complaining?
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