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What To Charge For SNOW BLOWING

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  • What To Charge For SNOW BLOWING

    hey, im looking @ getting into doing snow blowing.. meaning: just 1-2 car driveways and sidewalks with a standard snow blower. . . i was just wondering how to price it?? do you guys go by how much snow there is?? or how big of area?? im new to the snow blowing(even thoe i hate the snow)

    Any thoughts would be great, THANK YOU

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    Yes and yes.

    If it's up to your knees you charge anything you want.

    Sorry I can't help much. Last winter was my first.
    For a single width drive about 6 car lengths long I think I was charging $30-$35. Whether this was a good price or not, I really don't know.
    Some I included the walkway and others I added $5-$10 depending on the amount of steps/length of walk.

    Don't forget to offer de-icer application.


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      I get $60 an hour. Don't forget to include drive times.


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        After doing a couple, can you judge the amount of time it will take to snowblow with your blower and then bid the jobs accordingly? Or are you looking to give the customers some kind of up front price for the entire winter season?
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