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  • Anyone have any ideas?

    I'm in heating and cooling, the install side. Service side is busy, but installs are slow. My problem is i'm set up to do leaf removal, but i do have the full time job, i'm trying to figure out a way to schedule clients for leaf removal without having to quit my job at the beginning of the off season for lawn care.

    I'm thinking it's not worth the aggravation and to just wait until spring when i'm starting up the lawn care business, but if i get some good ideas, who knows?

    Like today, i'm sitting at home off work. Leaves aren't a problem right now, but i see today as an example of a future problem that i couldn't schedule someone for leaf cleanup today due to work, only to be off when the day comes.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Are you free to do the jobs after work? Would there still be some time? Or maybe on the weekends?

    Is there a chance you could cut back your hours at work to 4 days a week?
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