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Elderly Drivers!!!!!!

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  • Elderly Drivers!!!!!!

    I'm getting so sick of them.

    I come to a full stop at a stop sign, no other cars around.

    As I make my way across, and old man approaches his stop sign, and leans on the horn.

    note: he was still 10 feet away from the friggen stop sign, the stupid dumbass!

    So instead of just going on my way, I slowed down and leaned on my horn until he decided to stop honking his

    Next time I will get out and show him how much space he has between himself and the stop sign, because I am seriously sick of this crap. You could fit a friggen garbage truck man.

    I hate these people, so damn much.

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    you seem to be taking your "is that a ruler in your underwear " slogan a little to personal cheese .That guy was honking at you because he saw your signs and wanted you to do all the work at his mansion untill the day he dies ,then you can have the place for free ,but unfortunately,now he will just have to leave it to his cat and the paperboy .


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      I think it's possible he was just trying to get your attention and say hello.

      Older folks like Breeze. He is a hero!

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        CHEEEEEEESE I willlllll Geeeeetttttt YoUUUUUUUUUUUU
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