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Quit smoking fail?

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  • Quit smoking fail?

    So I was sick for the longest time, too sick to smoke.

    I said, "I will work with this, and I will quit"

    Well, I am a bit better now. I now said, "Frig it, I love smoking".

    Cigarettes taste like *** right now, and they do nothing for me. I am completely angry at this fact, LOL.

    I guess I am a quitter... No idea what to do now with all this free void.

    pictured above: all the cigarettes I wont be smoking - you will be missed

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    Cheese I do not think that is the best chose of pictures
    and out of respect for all the men and women that have given their lives for our freedom.
    I think you should remove it.


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      You need to have someone rig your cigarettes with one of those little exploding cigarette prank devices and you will be too scared to smoke.

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