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should i buy this?

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  • should i buy this?

    i was wondering if i should buy a zero turn 38 mower that is a2002 for 1300 .00 dollards. need feed back fast need a responds by 11-29-2011.
    thanks guys.
    it run good.looks new

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    If it's a homeowner model then no. If it's a professional model then maybe. If you pay $1300 for a pro model and it lasts you two years then you're doing OK.
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      we would need more info to help you on that one. sounds like a homeowner unit though with the price.
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        Model, Hours, Picture if you can get one would be helpful.
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          should i buy this

          i think it a commerical model the guy said he bought it for 4000.00 in 2002.he has the bill to prove it. maybe i'll just keep it for home use at that price?


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