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  • Slacker Day

    I forgot to mention how my day was.

    First off, it was damn hot outside and my Fridays are packed!

    Me and my guy drove around for hours procrastinating, every time we got in the truck we could pass out, we'd often circle a block a few times....

    We eventually decided to take a break, and we always try different food that wont cause us to become more tired. We tried a Dagwoods sandwich (exactly the same as Subway).

    As soon as we got out of the restaurant, it's like we had eaten cement!

    The outcome:

    We were in an area with 19 large properties (Friday = Doomsday), and we were barely moving because we were EXHAUSTED! You know it's bad when we're both singing along with Lady Gaga. Blasting the music on our headsets and the truck radio.

    About 30 minutes of seeing who can put their window up faster, we decided to go back to work!

    Our fatigue resorted to us both being on the tractor to do most of the work.
    It might look/sound crazy, but we were dedicated to making it work! We had the trimmer and blower with us jammed between the bagger/engine.

    We called our set up the "Destroyer X"

    So through trying not to vomit all day, drinking 6 bottles of water each, we got the damn day done! It got so bad, even when we were done we couldn't leave the truck for another hour.

    Note: We found bags, gas cans, a mulcher attachment on our random drive... My guy said, "HA! Someone left their stuff behind" ... we then realized it was ours.... We just don't know how it got to that location, several blocks away from any of our clients!

    Moral of the story: Sun = Bad

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    That certainly was a lot of stuff going on!
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