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  • Question for ya Steve

    Have you ever thought of having some contests on the site and maybe give the winners some Gopher Haul swag ?
    Not sure what you could run as a contest but I know the guys on the forums could come up with something interesting.
    here is My suggestion "Ugliest Lawn Photo" or maybe a Photo contest like "Best Photo with Gopher Haul Logo in it"
    or "photos with the forums Sponsors Logo in them"
    You would have to make up some rules to go buy
    something like must be original photos (not from the web)
    maybe the entrant must be in the picture.
    Must be current not from 10 years ago etc.

    So what do you think everyone ?
    Let the ideas flow.


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    The ugliest lawn photo contest would be a waste of time. I have the ugliest lawn of them is mine

    Who else has a hard time making time to work on their own lawn and landscaping.


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      You mean like this?

      Do a search using "Best" and "contest" - there have been a few.
      Some new ones would be cool though.


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        Why not experiment? Throw a few ideas out there, maybe contact sprinkler buddy or some other sponsors on here. Kick the idea around with them and then roll with it. I'd love to see what you come up with.
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