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    I'm still in business. A little over a year now. It has been a struggle and still is.

    I am employee of the year. Ah, the awesome power of being my own boss.

    I've learned to bid jobs correctly or at least better so I'm making more per job. That came from experience, learning what others charge, increasing my prices until a few customers didn't want service at that price.

    Some folks here can't afford lawns any more and that's a problem but I am gaining customers. Mostly from referrals and a display of business cards in a popular coffee/waffle shop. Getting enough customers is the main problem. One guy here is retiring so I hope to get some of his customers.

    Learning to do things faster but still with good quality has helped profitability.

    I'm keeping up with short term expenses but now my truck's differential is wearing out. I can't afford to do anything about unless I get more customers soon.

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    Out of all the business lessons you learned so far this past year, is there a top 5 list of lessons you wish you had known before you got started?
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