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powerwash job not so good

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  • powerwash job not so good

    Ok i had a power wash job today i bid it for 200 dollarsthe customer accepted it and i get to the site today to only find out that the dirt on the siding will NOT MOVE at all i scubbed it i used high pressure on the power washer i got a couple of little spots clean but the rest is just shot i think they need new siding . My question is should i still charge even though it didnt come clean i did make the mistake of promising i will get it clean this was my first powerwash bid and job. The only good from that job was the lady next door ask for a bid i took the sq footage and her name and number and told her i will call her with a price and while talkin to her she had told me that the city tore up the sewers in front of their homes and replaced them and dust flew all over the houses so could that mean the siding is shot ? and also how much should i charge for sq footage on power washing ? i use their water thank you guys and please help

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    Post a photo. That will help us tell you what is needed.

    What type of siding? Vinyl? It sounds like you may have a case of artillery fungus. Almost impossible to get off.

    NEVER EVER use high pressure on siding. All that does is make things worse for you. It also pushes water up under the siding and causes mold buildup behind the siding. You do not want to be responsible for this.

    Need a little more description of what it looks like and a photo if you can. Also what are you using to clean with, just water?


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      please post a pic ,and like mentioned above be carefull blasting siding with a pressure washer ,my old epps would leave you with no house attached to the siding if you were not carefull .


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        are you mixing any product in with your pressure washer? Water alone never does anything special.

        Also, it might not be dirt, but maybe a scuff or just deterioration.


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          It sounds like you may have a case of artillery fungus. Almost impossible to get off.
          Is this something that you can see before you get started? If so, do you tell the home owner ahead of time it might not come off or what is the best way to handle situations like this?
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            Yea you can see it I didn't tell them that it was my first
            powerwash job I made the mistake of tellin her I would get
            it off for sure it rubbed rigjt off with my finger she paid me $50
            Even though it didn't clean up I learned from this job though she wants
            me to bid to paint it


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