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Is there a differents ?

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  • Is there a differents ?

    Is there a differents in commercial grade equipment and professional ? Would professional work out when just starting out if there is a differents ?

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    yes commercial grade equipment is better then homeowner grade I have never seen professional grade to be anything more then a decal to sell more homeowner equipment. Your commercial grade will hold up longer and do a better job as the mowers have more then twice the blade tip speed, and are built tougher to handle more use. Will Homeowner stuff cut grass yes but expect more repairs and lower return on investment. I find your best way to start is start with what you have or can get without much debt then upgrade as soon as you can afford to. Also look at your local equipment dealers as sometimes you can upgrade a lot of quality for just a little money. The box stores do not carry any true commercial grade equipment Zero Turn Mowers.
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