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    So we all need to keep learning about landscaping and lawncare? What are some good books and/or websites to continue my learning?

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    I found the lawn care business operators school on this site to be a great help. Answered a ton of my questions, many before I could even think them up, and gave me a lot of insight as to how I want to operate my service.

    Even reading through a lot of the older posts and threads here, I see many guys who are operating with not only skill, and knowledge, but they also appear to have a lot of integrity, and to me that says a lot. They seem to be willing to share tips and tricks too.

    I dont know how many others here have gone through it, but I really would like to commend Steve on setting it up. After that you can search around, maybe you will find some more information, but getting in and getting experience is also a great teacher.

    Good Luck with it!


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