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  • Update on my status

    I have been going pt PT M_W_F for a few weeks now. I can get by without crutches for short periods of time. The soft cast is a big improvement!

    My main difficulties now are mostly inconveniences. I can type fairly well now but using my left hand is a challenge. Like trying to use a fingernail clipper. It takes major concentration and I keep dropping them. When eating, I have trouble holding a fork to cut meat est. My face no longer "droops" and my speech is back to normal.

    They will be taking the pins out of my leg next Thursday. No matter what the doctors tell you, they hurt! You can't move around without hitting them. My coordination is still a little off and fall once and a while. In fact, one fall gave me a wonderful black eye! I tell everyone, my wife did it.

    By the way, I have a new grandson. 10 grand daughters and now 2 grand sons.


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    Good to hear your doing better,and congrats on the new grandson too !


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      Steve I am very happy to hear your recovery is chugging forwards and congratulations on your new grandson!

      When are we gonna see you out on your mower?
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        Glad to hear you are doing better. I hope things keep going well for you. Do you expect to be out and about with your business in the near future?

        Congrats on the new grandson!
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