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  • Buying a trailer (help!)

    Hey guys,

    I'm looking to buy the following item:

    6' X 12' Landscape Trailer. Wood Sides for mulch and loose materials. Ramp Gate. Single Axle. Line Trimmer Rack.

    The guy is asking $1100. Trailer is 6 years old. All is functioning as it should be. I've seen a new trailer with these dimensions for around 1300-1400 (minus trimmer rack and wood sides). Based on the info I have, 1100 seems a little high.

    Any thoughts on how to approach this purchase? How much would you offer? I'm new at negotiations, so any tips would be great!

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    Seems fair. I'd offer $1,000. See where that gets you.


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      it appears theres three sheets of plywood,some brown paint,and a trimmer rack .I would offer him $600.00 for it,then let him counter and both be happy at $700-$750 .I would not pay that close to retail on a 6 year old trailer,the axle may be worn out ,who knows about the suspension ,tires,coupler etc. ,any of those issues and you havent really saved anything .


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        bearings and tires - not much else to go wrong with it really. I would offer $900-$950.

        (tandem axle trailers are much easier to maneuver though)
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          I've seen a new trailer with these dimensions for around 1300-1400 (minus trimmer rack and wood sides)
          Are these new trailers the same brand/quality?

          There's a rather big difference in price between a low end trailer (like a "Carry On" from Lowes/Tractor Supply), and other, more well-built trailers.

          Gotta compare apples to apples. Simply comparing based on dimensions doesn't tell the true story.


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            Gotta compare apples to apples
            I agree. I don't really know much about trailers. I'll be using this strictly for hauling my equipment (which right now consists of a 36 SCAG, line trimmer, backpack blower, rakes/shovels/green barrel, billy goat blower on wheels, 22 inch push mower, gas cans, etc.).

            What is a good make?

            I based my 1300-1400 on price lists from dealers online. It was very difficult for me to find prices on trailers on the Internet. The manufacturers don't post prices online. I just looked up a bunch of 6 X 12 single axle trailers to get this avg. price.

            Any idea how much a "good" trailer with these specs would cost new?


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              Sorry, I don't - I haven't priced trailers since I picked mine up last year and I was only pricing 5x8s and 5x10s.

              Look at the construction. Compare the frames, see how the wires are run, compare the weight ratings, look at the height of the ramp (a shorter ramp will be steeper), compare wheel/tire sizes, are the fenders strong enough to stand on? Wood floor or mesh?

              Don't worry about surface rust - it happens. Especially on the low end trailers. That's what spray paint is for - easy fix. As was mentioned before, wheel bearings and tires are the most common things to be concerned with, but only one of them can be inspected visually.

              I can tell you that you don't often find "deals" on them the way you'd think. They seem to hold their value. I couldn't find ANY used 5x8 listed for under $450-$500, and if I did, it was some homemade contraption that didn't look road worthy. The new Carry On 5x8 was selling for $700 - I paid $450 for a used one of that brand. I wish I had gone with a 5x10, but live and learn.

              If I had to venture a guess, I'd say that trailer would be fairly priced around the $800-$900 mark. I remember thinking I wanted one that size, but couldn't afford $1,000 for one.
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                I saw that one on CL. I didn't go look at it. I am looking for something bigger that I can throw a few mowers on and not drag my enclosed trailer with fuel prices rising. Look at the tires (very expensive to replace). Make sure it has a Jack (you may need to run and grab something or parking issues)! Check out the wiring (that the lights work and it's not chewed up). Ask him the last time he replaced the wood and treated it (another big expense to replace the deck). Ask him the last time he GREASED the BEARINGS very important (will ruin the bearings if they aren't greased regularly esp with the weight of mowers)! Why is he selling? Are you sure all of your gear will fit on this trailer? If you want company let me know. I'll take the ride with you. I would do as refered ask him what his bottom line and say I don't want to offend you with a low ball. People typically respect that. From pictures but check those items I mentioned. I bought a lot of my equipment from craigslist. It is a great site if you have knowledge and hit the buzzwords so they won't try and scam you and tell you ooh its almost new and not abused blah blah blah. Those things I mentioned will help.
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                  Thank you all for the advice. I am meeting this guy tomorrow, so I will let everyone know how it goes.


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                    Are these new trailers the same brand/quality?

                    There's a rather big difference in price between a low end trailer (like a "Carry On" from Lowes/Tractor Supply), and other, more well-built trailers.

                    Gotta compare apples to apples. Simply comparing based on dimensions doesn't tell the true story.
                    I but commercial units here in 5 X 12 for $1,600, these are built like a tank and pull like a dream. 6 ply tires, torsion springs, undercoated, 2 X 8 wolmanized decks, LED lights etc.

                    The trailer above, I would offer $600 tops and I would pull it first.

                    Yesterday was interesting, I saw a fellow pulling a 4 X 8 with a ZTR on the highway, it was swaying so bad I thought he was going to loose it, then late yesterday coming home a fellow pulling a skid steer on a cheap tandem (could tell by the 13" wheels it wasn't designed for the task) lost control on the highway, not sure if anyone was hurt but I sat in traffic for almost two hours.

                    I see this a lot at the start of the season, depending on what you are pulling, make sure it's the trailer for the task, some of these big box store trailers, IMHO should not be on the road.
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                      I wonder if it needs a coat of water sealant just to be safe.

                      You don't want that wood rotting away with all the wet grass/debris...


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                        Well I didn't get the trailer. It ended up being a Carry-On that he bought from Lowes 6 years ago at $1375. It had a dent in one of the wheel wells from being backed into by someone. The biggest problem, though, was that the tailgate had been hit as well. So to open it required a hammer to take the pin out of one side. With all this, it was still functional, but def. not worth the asking price. So I offered 650, he said he couldn't go below 800. I offered 700 as my highest, but he didn't want to go down that far. So I walked.

                        Guess I'll keep looking....Although I'm anxious to get a trailer, I think I made the right move.


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                          Good move. There will be plenty more for sale. Who the heck wants to dick around with beating crap with a hammer just to open/close the ramp?

                          I had a friend help me with a clean up job today and the difference between my Carry On trailer and his quality trailer (forget the brand) were like night and day. Aluminum construction, adjustable axle and tongue, wood plank floor, heavy safety chains (mine like they would snap in an emergency), larger wheels/tires, heavy fenders with built-in step pads... nice. Granted, he paid a lot of money for it, but you get what you pay for.

                          If I can ever get my pics to upload from my phone I'll post pics.


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                            I assume the search continues.....What are you looking to pull it with? What size do you think is optimal for you? I have been looking for a 16 footer but can keep my eye out if your looking for something smaller. Is there a certain ball you need or a pintle hook? Let me know. If you want you can PM it to me.
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                              Well I have a Dodge ram 2500 4X4 with a Dump on the back. It's like a mini-mason dump, so I am using that to throw my debris and mulch. It dumps well, so the trailer is really just for my equipment, which right now consists of backpack blower, weed wacker, 36 inch belt drive SCAG, rakes/shovels, green barrel, and maybe a few other small items. My goal is to get an enclosed trailer in the future, but for now I can only afford an open trailer. I'm thinking 6 X 12 is optimal. This way I can put a toolbox on it and still have enough room for the equipment.


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