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    I stopped by a local ferris,toro,dolmar, and kawasaki dealer today.

    Talked to the sales guy and she showed me alot of stuff.
    Some of which was the Ferris walk behind. Its got a cool slip differential so it dosnt act like a zero turn you simply turn it..and it turns itself like a zero turn..its really nice and i liked it. He also showed me some grandstands and a Ferris Evolution (the weird dirtbike seat one) i gotta say..that thing is really comfortable and easy to ride..if i had the extra cash id drop it on that machine in a heartbeat.

    But to get the the subject point
    There is a expo being held where you can ride and try all equipment and theres manufacture rebates and whatever rebate the manufacture offers the dealer matches so thats pretty cool. They even have giveaways of equipment. The guy was telling me its exclusive towards lawn care companies and its real fun. Lots of the guys get together and talk about what they are doing for the new season and get to try all the new equipment.

    Theres free lunch, giveaways, and special deals.
    Apparently the guy hosting the seminar portion is a real big guy that holds the main lawn care expos and they had to pay a couple thousand to get him out here to do this.

    He signed me up for the RSVP list so i can go tomorrow morning.
    Ill take some pictures and let you guys know all the new stuff coming out and what i thought. Im looking forward to going.

    Is there anything you guys would want me to ask the guy? or get information on for you?

    have any of you guys been to something like this?
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    I think this will be fascinating! I look forwards to seeing your pictures and hearing about what you learn. This has the potential to really push your business to a higher level!
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