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  • My Beat up ol' Truck

    I'm a little curious here. I drive a 1995 two-wheel drive Dodge Ram 1500 standard-cab Pickup. The rocker panels are rusting out, the wheel wells are following close behind. However, it has a 318 magnum v-8 with the tow package and runs and drives, tows my trailers great. So it DOES get the job done for me at this time. However, in ya'lls opinion, being that I'm not in any position to get into a better vehicle right now, am I risking losing a lot of business driving around this beater? Or can I possibly offset this with my exceptional services? I'm a bit paranoid that if people see my vehicle, they will be less motivated to hire me. So what are YOUR thoughts?

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    Do you have a welder?

    Whey not just cut out the old rocker panels and weld the new ones in. Heck, if you don't have a welder, I bet you could even rivet them in and that would still make it look better.

    There are tons of after market parts out there.

    Here is a product from JC WHitney.

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      you might be able to patch her up a bit like Steve said ,and since it sounds like most of the issues are lower on the body,you can then gravel guard the lower foot or so of the truck .This will save you a paint job ,and the roughness of the gravel guard hides imperfections in the bodywork well .


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        Pah, my service trucks are a 1972 Chevrolet pickup and a 1975 Chevrolet C-30 1 ton dump truck (with 8ft x 12ft bed). I like my old semi beaters, customers have no issues either (atleast they are all a solid color. :-) lol).

        I do homes from $100s to $1.5mil and up. No one has ever mentioned anything about my trucks, my work speaks for itself.

        Also like Steve mentioned, replacement rockers and other panels can be purchased cheap.

        But I suggest I bought new rockers for my chevys for $12 a side.

        I attached a picture of my $400 dump truck I picked up. Had 6 new tires too! :-)
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          My old truck

          thats the one area I worry about as well. dont get me wrong I love and take care of my 88 ford f150 and honestly I can afford a newer one say 2001 or so f250 like i want but.. I also know my truck gets the job done. Ive decided to give it a paint job and go from primer to flat black.. guess it still be primer but a tleast not grey. I dont know I also feel like buying something for around 4500 and selling mine for say 1700 but then I worry about it not being as reliable as mine. SO I DRIVE MINE TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF . WHEN SHES READY I GUESS SHE'LL LET ME KNOW. so FOR NOW I'LL JUST GIVE HER A FACE LIFT! AND SOME SIGNAGE LOL!


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            I just checked out that certifit and all it shows are mmirrors, headlights and taillights... ?
            Ok I just called they have another catalogue. Thanks for the lead!
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              You don't need to perform perfect body work. If you are concerned about the appearance of your truck, there are a few things you can do to cut out old pieces and put in new ones. Then paint it. Even if you paint it with spray paint. Just as long as you have a solid coverage of paint.

              When you are done, step back 30 ft or so from it and look at it then. Does the truck look decent? Then you did a great job.

              Also, don't be afraid to experiment with some fiberglass, bondo and some sand paper. That is a real cheap way to patch holes as well.
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                Unfortunately they are unable to obtain rocker panels for my truck. UGH!!!


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