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    my wife's family lives in kansas so i have been watching all the news about the weather in the midwest and back east with all the snow. I cant belive all the snow and how bad the weather is. Our weather here in Nevada has taken a dip also, are temps have been in the uper 60s to 73 we havent had any snow or rain but a cold front went through and temp went down in the 20s last night the high today is to be around 45 but by friday we will be back to 65. I sure hope the groundhog is right and we have a early spring. I usually get my season going by the mid of feb. I even went and did some bids yesterday.

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    Where in Nevada are you? How long is your mowing season? Here in New York we start up usually mid April and end about Nov 1st.


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      i live in southern nevada in a small unicorporated town a hour northeast of vegas which vegas thinks they run us so we basicly are a part of vegas. We mow all year but are slow time is jan through mid feb. The leaves dont start falling till about christmas time here so usally by the middle to end of januaray we have all the leaves picked up and then its mostly cleanups. but we do still have yard that need mowing just not that offen. the last 2 weeks have been our slowest. we only had 1-2 yards a day and friday we have 10 yards. but do remember in the summer time we get 120-130 by 8 am its over 100. we still get to 90 in november. our normal winter highs are around 40-60.


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        Yeah thats some hot weather to be mowing in, is there alot of grass to be mowed there? I've been to vegas on vacation and cant remember seeing much grass any where. Or do you concentrate on another aspect of our business?


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          We are getting hammered with snow and high winds, 45cm down and 20 more to come, it's up to the windows on my daughters golf Roads are closed but the power is on.
          Halifax, Nova Scotia


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            well like i said i live a hour from vegas. so even though we live so close to vegas its totally different here. Its a farming community so most houses out here have yards. In vegas its mostly desert landscaping there is water laws in vegas and u cant water more than 5 mins a time and only certain days of the week. The water comapany in vegas was paying home owners $1.00 per sqaure foot to remove there grass and replace it with rock.
            But we dont get our water from Lake mead like las vegas does we get our water from a aquafier so we can water anytime and as much as we want. since we are a farming cummunity, they water alot of properties by flood irriagate like they do for crops. I have many houses that have 1-3 acres of lawn. so we mostly just do mowing. I also do foreclosed propeties in vegas and we say mow on them but we olny use a weedeater to know down tall grass and or weeds most vegas yards dont have grass. my own property is a 1/4 acre and my propery is huge compared to vegas yards.


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