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When to start looking for michigan customers

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  • When to start looking for michigan customers

    Just wondering when you all go out to start looking for new clients an when to start advertising your services. any help would be great


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    You may not want to actively advertise during the off season, but you do want to network your business year around. I start looking for new business in mid March, but for commercial work you have to start earlier. Some guys like to start earlier, but I have always had good luck later when the weather breaks. Again all personal opinion here, I just feel it is a waste to mail and put out flyers while it is still snowing out.


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      If your going for commercial lawn care services then here in slc we start bidding them oct nov for the following year cause thats when they are looking for new snow companies plus budgets- As far as residential lawn care services we post adds first of march and get a few but mostly mid march is when we get most of our calls,


      salt lake city lawn care services


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        how do you go about trying to find out who to talk to when there is a comercial building with more then one tenant. Has anyone tried going to property managemeant companies?


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          That would be a good idea. Call and find out who is the contact person and then send in a bid for the property. You can also check with them to see when they will be looking for new bids.

          After submitting a bid follow up and see what they thought of it.

          but you do want to network your business year around.
          What kinds of things do you suggest doing in the off season to network your business?
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