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Lol... storing my equipment

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  • Lol... storing my equipment

    So I chose an interesting day to store my equipment. Icy roads, etc...

    What I had to to was park my trailer with equipment into a customers garage.

    Today I earned my trailer parking trophy..............

    I had 3 inches of space to squeeze my trailer up hill and into my customers driveway.

    So I did my wide turn, reversed slowly making my angle... straightened out... bla bla... then I went up the driveway did a few turns of the wheel and BAM - into the damn garage without a problem with hardly any traction.. lmao.. one problem actually.. When my tires lost traction my customer got soaked lol...

    My customers and their neighbor was cheering after. That feels good. lol


    My trailer was full of ice I couldn't remove, so on the way to my customers the damn tractor was sliding back and forth - even with stones under the tires, lmao... I scared the crap out of a few people along the way, even myself! I'm worried that thing will fall apart one day, lol.

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    Two questions 1 did you have it strapped down? 2 What was it strapped down with
    Cubcadet ztr
    husquvarna blower craftsman professional series trimmer w/ homade harness
    60 gallon fimco pull type sprayer


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      Scott you need a backup camera that is recording at all times. I can only imagine how that must have looked
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        1 did you have it strapped down?
        No, lol... I thought about it but I was too impatient...

        2 What was it strapped down with
        Gravity, and my super powers - the same power I use when bowling... controlling the ball after it's been thrown...

        Just for everyones knowledge... I keep waking up at 5AM!!!! 6-7 is fine.. but I feel like I'm 80 years old waking up so early all the time lol... Time to make a big breakfast AGAIN.. got all this spare time lol...


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