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Any body from santa maria?

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  • Any body from santa maria?

    Whats up guys?
    Are there any of you guys from Santa Maria, CA, on here? I will be headed that way on Tuesday. If there is anybody, I would be willing to donate a days work, just to see how someone else works their business and crew. Or I would love to sit and talk shop and I will buy the beer. I'm located in WY and am basically on a lawncare island with nobody to talk shop with. My wife's grandparents are celebrating their 50th. Let me know, thanks guys.

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    In case no one writes you through here, you could potentially put an ad in that areas local craigs list and see if anyone responds. It really might be an interesting experience!

    If no one responds from that, maybe do an internet search and email some companies that show up from your search.

    Keep us posted on how this goes.
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