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  • TSA screening

    Ok the airline industry is so absolutely f'ed. Flying absolutely sucks. The planes are packed, you are nickled and dimed to death for every little extra like carrying luggage and now the feds want to make you walk through a xray scanner or be patted down. WTF!

    Then you get the media playing lapdog to any decision the federal government makes.

    So here is a situation where a pilot just got fed up with all the bullSh*t and said no more.

    I don't care if a pilot goes through the scanners / patted down or not. In fact, I would prefer them to be armed. If I can't trust the pilot, I have no business getting on a plane.

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    I agree... I used to fly weekly and my motto was

    They guy up front hits first!

    These people are in charge of 100+ lives and should be allowed to protect them.

    Besides that the guys on Mythbusters disproved explosive decompression.


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      This is a great video that John Tyner took during his attempt to fly. These tsa agents want to basically molest everyone in order to allow you to fly. John was not having any of that.

      He told the agent flat out 'if you touch my junk, i'll have you arrested.' It seems the tsa don't want you to have any say in the process of your molestation or they will have you escorted out of the airport.

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      This entire security screening process needs to be changed.

      You can read the cnn article on it here.
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