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  • News & Medical Advice Needed lol

    So it's Sunday - again.

    Worked 7am - 1am shifts all week, but today I work 5PM - 1AM

    I was woken up yet again, by my phone. Nothing irritates me more than being woken up by annoying customers. That's ok though, I just put voice mail on my phone again - took 5 minutes to do.

    I managed to get most of my lawns done this week & Saturday....

    I'm trying to think of what lawns I had left out.

    1. Big lawn, nothing but weeds & looks like a desert.
    2. A lawn my other customer is paying for - beer bottles, glass, toys, junk lying all over the place.
    3. Massive lawn, out of my way - a-hole of a customer.

    Not sure what else... hmmm

    Anyway, so a customer from last year just left me a message saying she wants me to do her lawn for the rest of the season.

    She didn't take me earlier because she said she could do it or the guys who do her snow removal offer a better price - surprise! She calls me...

    Now, taking her back would be convenient as it's on the same street as 2 other lawns I do. Unfortunately, I remember her as a "needy nagger" so I'll have to think about taking her.

    Pros: 90% of the lawn can be done with the ZTM.

    Cons: She'll want everything extra to be free, & will end up causing me unneeded stress.

    I could tell her, "I am booked for the season & have no time to do anything more than maintain your lawn - trimming and other services are not possible"

    though I'd rather not go through the hole, "Well I'm going to hire X company because they can do X service" bla bla bla - you burnt your bridge 1 time already... forget it - she's on her own. Decision made... lol


    I was working the other day & holy crap..

    I felt as if someone put their hand in my chest and squeezed my heart very quickly - it hurt enough to make me say, "F***!!!" pretty loudly & nearly stumble over!

    Right after that split second I felt winded & my chest felt tight until the next

    All I did was move a few light boxes & walk 10 feet, than BAM!

    Anyone have any ideas on what the hell happened?

    I have had several heart palpitations before but this felt a lot different.

    I could spend 6 hours waiting at the clinic to get a piece of paper in order to wait another 6 hours at the hospital.. So before I decide to that (I`m impatient) I`ll just ask you all!

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    Based on reading your posts, I would guess panic/anxiety attack but I am no doctor, take the time to have it checked. I have this happen from time to time, not that often, I simply put an Ativan under my tongue and it's gone very, very fast.
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      What about becoming dehydrated? It seems everyone has been going through a heat wave lately. Could that have caused the issue too?
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