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i run my lawn care business legally from my home

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  • i run my lawn care business legally from my home

    I have a yard care business is a small town about 1 hr from Las Vegas Nevada. I have a Clark County business lic. But i am allowed to hang my lic in my house even though its illegal to run a business from your home here in clark county. Here in clark county to get a business lic you must have a commerical address like a rent space in a shopping center or lease or share space with another business or another way is to rent a mail box from like mail box etc. but you can not have your business address your home address. But I was able to get around this and my business address is my home address. How did I do this well i bought a house last year and the property was zoned C-1 instead of R-1 but since the house was there before they (the county) rezoned the property the house is grandfathered in so I am am able to live in the house and run my business from the property. The only issue is that if i want to add on or if it burns down and i need to replace it then I have to rezone the property back to the R-1 under the nonconfroming zone change, which in clark county could take years. Building codes and zone changes are very strict here beacuse of being in clark county home of LAS Vegas, with the Casinos. Has anyone one else been able to get a business lic to run their lawn business from home?

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    Think bout this

    When I was in Florida, I rented a mini warehouse 5 x 4 unit for $6.00 per month. My unit number was 212. I establoished my business at Suite 212 that adress.My 20 sq. ft. office sounded like a Inc. 500 business for $72.00 a year. Listed my home phone.



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      Each area is different on how this is handled. Some communities will allow you to park one commercial vehicle on your property even if it is zoned residential.
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        Here in Canada you can operate a business from your home, there are some restrictions on equipment and manufacturing but your base office can be your house.
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