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  • Poor Truck

    So my stepdad & myself traded vehicles not too long ago.

    He went on a fishing trip & needed the space for his gear...

    So I drove his fancy Chevy Avalanche & he drove my fancy Ford.

    He finally gets in town & I say, "Sorry, but I couldn't keep the grass out of the truck & it smells like compost in there."

    he says, "... that's ok, Truck is out front!" and leaves.

    I go see the truck and OH MY F'ING GOD! LOL...

    Damn truck is covered in mud, giant bugs & bird crap. The truck has turned white from black with all the dust.

    The rear passenger tire apparently blew out too - so my only spare was used.

    Anyway, I'm not mad because it's actually very funny to think of.

    I thought he was crazy to lend me his truck considering the work I do... His truck is mint compared to mine now!

    Car wash... here I come...

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    You should have taken some before and after pics

    I hope he had a good time on his trip.
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      I was thinking to myself, wow hes a nice guy not to worry about that!

      Then i read what he done to your truck, oh that was certainly a good laugh!
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