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  • Wow!

    So the kid I hired (11 years old) to work every Wednesday with me was fantastic today!

    I did my share of running back & forth for several reasons;
    Changing cutting height
    Adding Fuel
    Pulling the mower up a few steps

    but that was all.

    The kid makes amazing lines when he cuts the grass, especially after he had his Pepsi - sugar = victory!

    Working with this kid compared to my former assistant (22 years old) cut 3 hours out of the day, fast fast fast!

    He had a great time helping me out today & was tough enough to go through the entire day with me.

    This kid is basically earning $13/Hour & it's money well spent!

    I can't wait for him to grow up a little more & learn how to trim.

    His job is basically to use a self-propelled & blow after I'm done trimming. My system with him actually works compared to the former assistant.

    So now he's off to go to his soccer game, I guess he's going to sleep well tonight!

  • #2
    When you are that age, you want to be around the big kids and impress everyone. Maybe it's 18 where many lose that energy and start getting lazy.
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