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  • Victory!

    So because of our stupid weather, I was behind 2 1/2 days of work.

    THOUGH, I pulled through with time to spare!

    Just like every month, one of the mowers is in the shop

    Though I have 2 spares & the tractor, which needs to be greased = A LOT of squeaking today!!!

    The squeaking is probably caused by my pressure washer, I gave the equipment it's first pressure-wash clean, I couldn't stop myself (cleans the mowers to their brand new look) underneath the decks are SPOTLESS.

    So my to do list;

    Paint my mowers blue & add vinyl logos to them.
    Paint the underside of the decks, man it's getting bad under there.
    Order new magnets....

    I pressure washed the magnets because they were pretty dirty - big mistake.

    An update for all, wash your Vistaprint ( magnets with a cloth & soap - anything but a pressure washer!!! It tears them apart easily. I'm upset with this

    My trimmer looks brand new, it's been green from the start of this season & now it's back to looking beautiful.

    Interesting update:

    I hired a guy to make a flash video (cartoon) for my company, to put on my website. $150/$200.00 - I thought it'd be fun. He better hurry is arse off, I'm impatient.


    I need help with painting my mowers, any advice?

    Exterior, high heat, etc kinda paint?

    Am I able to paint over the existing paint that is there, or does it have to be removed????

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    I cant wait to see the cartoon and the pics of all this.

    As far as the painting goes. If you want to do it the cheap and easy way. Get all the loose paint off of it and then paint over it. You will need high temp paint on anything that gets hot, or it will quickly crack and fall off.

    Other than that, you can paint the other parts with regular paint.

    We have seen some members on here paint the underside of their mower decks with that rhino truck bed stuff to make it last longer.
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