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Local hero - only 5 years old

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  • Local hero - only 5 years old

    At 9:31 this morning the local 911 operator received a call from a small voice - 5 year old Samantha Gibbs, “I can’t wake my mommy”
    “Where is your mommy”, the operator asked?
    “On the kitchen floor”, Samantha replied. “There’s blood everywhere”.
    “What is your address”, asked the operator.
    My daddy told me if I called this number you would know where I am”, replied Samantha.
    “Police and rescue services are on the way”, assured the operator.
    “The door is locked and I can’t open it, you will have to come in thru the garage, that door I can open” said Samantha.

    Samantha and her family lived next to a golf course and her mother was hit in the head by a golf ball that went thru the closed window. When she fell she hit her head on the corner of the kitchen island.

    This shows the importance of teaching children how to use 911!

    Even though she was scared and crying, this 5 year old kept her cool thru all the questions and even new she could not let them in thru the front door.

    Mother is in the hospital in good condition and expected to make a full recovery.


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    Wow! Smart child! You are right about training kids early on about this.
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