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  • Wish me luck!

    Imagine hiring someone who can't trim, blow or mow.

    Someone who can waste so much gas without accomplishing anything to the point you have to fill up on gas, grab the tools he should be using & doing the job yourself after he messes up over & over again...

    Imagine this person getting frustrated, rolling his eyes, & sighing every second throughout the day - every day.

    This person would rather annoy himself & you, before he'd change his ways & do the job right.

    This person is not riding along with me this week, I've had enough.

    We went through 2 rolls of trimmer cord in a month & a half... Alone I would barley make it through one as I'd still have some left at the end of the season.

    Alone I fill up on gas once a week, with him I fill up on gas 3x a week.

    He doesn't do a great mowing job but it's been a little less than passable & it saves me from doing it & burning myself out... Though I have realized from the day I got him, my jobs aren't as great as when I do them alone, I want perfection - even if it's gonna hurt!

    This is going to be the most brutal week ever.

    I can't even balance the days out to when I could use him as I can do most of the work but there will be a small amount of lawns scattered where he comes in handy. I waste money having him do jack all & I can't arrange the route any different.


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    have you looked into hiring someone else at least part time?

    put an ad out asking for someone part time with mowing/trimming experience. It's summer, you'll probably get quite a few guys/gals calling.


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      Was this someone you know personally and really dont want to get rid of?
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