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State of Georgia's Rules for Chemical Apps

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  • State of Georgia's Rules for Chemical Apps

    I just started getting jobs for weed killing and fertilizing. The whole deal about a license to apply has me a bit worried considering fines and all. does anybody have help for a guy with the best of intentions but obviously no credentials in the matter.

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    Have you looked into seeing what the requirements are in your state for a license?

    Also, if you use organic fertilizer, can you apply it without a license?
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      no steve but will do. talked to a guy who gave me insight today so we will see how it goes.


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        Hi pvplus:

        This page should tell you who to speak with.

        Call Tommy or Doug....those guys will set you right.

        It will take some work to get your applicator's license but you will come out way ahead in the long run.

        Good luck:

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