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    I have a small lawn service and I have a buisness account that I would like to sell. Is there still account buying going on in the lawn world or is it a thing of the past? If it is still there, how would I go about selling it and how to price it. I work full time, and I am a full time student, my wife works full time and is a part time student plus I have a kid that I want to spend more time with and this one buisness account takes up alot of my time. I have to have more time to deadicate to school and my family. So I figured that if I sold the account for what I make in a year pff that account, I will be able to pay off my truck and I will loose that bill, Then I could get a couple of more small account that I can do in one day.
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    I am sure you can sell it.

    What would you be selling. The accounts and equipment?

    How much do you figure you can make with the accounts per month?

    Then figure how much the equipment is worth.

    Maybe you could sell it all together or sell the equipment and accounts separately.

    We have seen a wide range of prices for accounts. On average, the businesses that sell, seem to price the accounts at one months revenue or a little more.

    So I figured that if I sold the account for what I make in a year off that account
    If you can get that, that would be a great deal for you.

    Keep us posted on what you are thinking about all this.
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