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Idiots on the road!

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  • Idiots on the road!

    Recently on the news, there has been talk of cyclists & how irritating they can be.

    They block traffic like crazy & even just one cyclist takes up a full lane on the road.

    It's seriously interesting considering I have had my share of anger these past few days.

    Nothing aggravates me more then a cyclist in my way, not because I fear of running him over... Honestly most of them deserve it. It aggrivates me because they are almost ASKING for a wreck, & they don't go the speed limit or follow traffic laws.

    Just today I almost hit 7 idiots zooming through a stop sign down a busy street.

    I made my stop & when I stepped on the gas to make a left turn, they EFFING zoomed right in front of me... just barley touching my truck.

    I honked & shouted, "GETTAF***OUTAMAY" lol

    Seriously though, next time I'm going to follow them, cut in front of them & STOP... get out & tell them how it is. If I have to hide my business magnets I will, I'm fed up with these clowns.

    You know what's more sad? This city has amazing bike paths that never get used. It's pathetic.

    To top off this story, today at the bank I was reversing out of my parking spot, as I was moving forward... An idiot starts up his car & decides pushing my truck out of his way so he could leave first is the best option.

    I'll draw a scenario

    I'm the red, he's the purple... the green thing is a tar company rig doing a roof.

    Black is the obstructions & buildings... bla bla lol

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    They are a major issue for me, I pull an 18' trailer quite often with anywhere up to 12,000 pounds, it's 8" wide inside, close to 10 so it just fits the lane if you will, these friggin guys on bikes don't give a crap, they are on the road and it's not easy slowing down for oncoming traffic, then again drivers need an education, I havent had an accident or even a ticket in over 30 years, a guy yesterday runs a red light driving a VW Golf, I had our Dodge Ram 2500 with a 6 ton excavator on the back, it was all I could do to avoid an accident and the guy gives me the finger, If I would have been able to hunt him down I would have and beat the living crap out of him.....ok I have calmed down now
    Halifax, Nova Scotia


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      You got me thinking. You know what I hate, when you get on a highway and the person behind you is on your butt, then as you are merging into the lane, from behind you, they have already merged and want to pass you in that same lane as you are merging!


      But I know what you mean, they have a chance to make you wait, so they are going to do it.

      I think you just need some loud air horns

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